Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jim Rowe. Hilarious Buffoon.

So now Jim Rowe thinks he's going to be a US Senator. Apparently when Don Harmon gave him his whoopin' last year in his quixotic run for State Senate, it only steeled his resolve.

This won't be a long post -- he's not a serious candidate. But some things on his web site are too much to miss.

First, his slogan is "A vision for America...a voice for it's people."

Mr. Rowe, I don't mean to get all grammar-police on you, but the possessive form of "its" requires no apostrophe. You are running for US Senate. You might have someone proofread your web site.

He also writes, "Steve Neal, a Sun-Times columnist, had this to say recently about Senator Durbin..."

What exactly is your definition of "recently?" Because unfortunately, Mr. Neal has been dead for three-and-a-half years. And that column was written two years before he died. So, I guess in a geologic sense, it was written recently, but not really.

He also cherry-picks a Durbin approval rating from 2006 that had him at 51%. More recent polling (by a Republican polling firm no less - see Illinoize) has him at 60%.

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