Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Stupid Fox

This isn't a rant about the Fox News Channel, or Newscorp, or any of the other propaganda machines. That's for another day.

This is a rant about WFLD, the Chicago affiliate.

For years now, 10 PM has been Simpsons time. Period.

As each passing new Simpsons episode dissappointingly comes and goes on Sundays, the 10 PM rerun broadcasts provide a welcome respite and a reminder of when the show was in its prime.

And now, in some lame effort to challenge the old school networks (CBS, NBC, ABC), Fox has added an ADDITIONAL half hour of news on top of their 9 PM broadcast, called "The Ten."

Seriously, don't we already have enough cross-promotion of American Idol and stories about how many pills Anna Nicole Smith took?

Bad idea. Thumbs down, Fox.

Yeah yeah yeah, of course the Simpson's is still going to be on at 10:35. But that isn't the point.


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